Haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation is a routine therapy used in the treatment of haematological diseases including malignancies and immunodeficiencies. Umbilical cord blood is a suitable alternative transplantable cell population when a matched bone marrow (BM) donor is not available. However, transplantation of the limited number of HSC contained in a single cord blood unit is associated with delayed engraftment, and increased graft failure and mortality. This has motivated the development of ex vivo expansion technologies designed to increase cord blood HSC numbers, strategies to improve HSC homing efficiency, and strategies to provide short-term immune support for transplant recipients. Our team has a long-term interest in developing technologies across this space.  You can read about our previous work here, here and here.

These projects are on-going and in collaboration with A/Prof Mike Doran (QUT), Prof Jean-Pierre Levesque (Mater Medical Research), and Dr Kathryn Futrega (QUT).

Our team has been fortunate to receive long-term funding from Inner Wheel Australia.  We are required to provide Inner Wheel Australia with research updates, and [for a little fun] we did this in the form of a video a few years ago (watch below).